Vacation Program

Activity programs mounted during the Easter Vacation and August-September long vacation period have been a feature of the Children’s Centre almost from the beginning, the first taking place after Prince Albert Koripamo donated a bus in 1981. Active programs run by parent volunteers took place in the middle years of the 1980s, even before the Children’s Centre had a permanent facility. Mothers led activities in cooking and sewing, art and science skills, excursions and caring for others, while fathers assisted with sports and car maintenance.
In 1993 and following years National Youth Service Corps members posted to the Children’s Centre took up responsibility for the programs, emphasizing creativity  and cultural arts. The 2000 program was carried out by youth volunteers who had grown up through the program. Programs are now run through the cooperative efforts of committee members, Youth Corps members, members of the university student organization AIESEC and other youth volunteers.

Easter vacations programs were initiated by Dr. Goodhead Uchendu in 2006 and taken up by AIESEC in 2008. The 1-2 week programs utilized a corps of volunteers to conduct activities in computer training, creative arts and crafts, sports, talks, and excursions, as well as a closing show for parents.

More details can be found under descriptions of specific activities below, and in newsletters and annual reports.

Other Activities