Other Activities

Caring for Others
This program of visits to the Motherless Babies Home was introduced to encourage social awareness and concern for others. The visits began in 1986 as a long vacation activity and have continued through the years, sometimes during the vacation program and sometimes as a year round activity. Children visit the Home to care for the babies, holding them and playing with them. The response of the babies was so great that the program was expanded into the Motherless Babies Project.


Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day at the end of May is celebrated with special events such as a football match between the Children’s Centre Cubs and a nearby team.




An especially notable occasion on May 30, 2009 brought together a multitude of children from 15 primary schools and friends and well-wishers from the community and beyond. The theme of the celebration was: The Nigerian Child in the Next Ten Years. Schoolchildren presented cultural dances, drama, miming, essays, poems and creative arts to the enthusiastic assembly. They also competed in a quiz organized by the student organization AIESEC. Another highlight was the appearance of Mickey Mouse to dance with the children.


Christmas parties

Every Christmas the wife of the Vice-Chancellor and patron of UWA hosts a party for campus children, often held at the Children’s Centre.  These parties feature songs, drama, dancing and presents from Father Christmas.



Special Events

Children’s Centre celebrates occasions such as Nigerian Independence Day October 1st, World Book Day, International Literacy Day, Earth Day and International School Library Month in October.  For instance, Independence Day 2015 was celebrated with an interactive talk by Prof. Onwuka Njoku of Nigerian Independence: Lost and Regained.  In 2016 this was transformed into a drama. World Book Day 2017 was marked by visits to schools to share reading promotion activities.