Yearly Archive 2018

ByHelen Okpala-Eke

2016 Long Vacation Programme

The 2016 long vacation programme was a well-packaged event for the University staff children and students of University primary and secondary schools, respectively. One of the topics taught was ‘Understanding Climate Change’.
Mrs Helen Okpala
taught the basics of climate change, effects of climate change and engaged the kids in practical classes. In the course of the programme, she interviewed them and discovered that 95% of the kids had not learnt of the Sustainable Development Goals and are not familiar with the causes and effects of climate change.

ByIfy Evangel Obim

2018 World Book Day

It was a great event during this year’s World Book Day as the staff of CCL went to Union Primary School 1 for the coaching event. Teachers and pupils were highly affected. 


Holiday is Here Again

Do you want your child/ward to have a fun-filled holiday?

Do you want to leave them to the care of well-trained, professional librarians?

Do you want your child to thank you later for an enriching exposure you would give them this season?

Do you want to impart literacy, creative, entrepreneurial, and lifelong skills and more to them?

Then move now to the Children’s Centre Library, UNN and register your child for this year’s #SummerFiesta#
It’s gonna be fun fun fun with a good number of well-packaged programmes/activities designed to enrich their creative, thinking and for relaxation.
Do this urgently and #thankMe later